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The best app with descriptions of the most beautiful places on our planet. Search, find, and share new places with your friends using Waytogo!
WAYTOGO was created by two programmers from Manchester who appreciate nature and like to discover new places on our planet
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Finding Coordinates

Set your own coordinates or find the place you want based on known coordinates
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Send your friends your coordinates. Chat, comment, like
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The World in Your Palm

All your routes on one map. You can also see your friends' routes
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Travel comfortably. Drive anywhere in the world
With this app, you can join a community of nature lovers and share your discoveries with friends

24/7 Support

User support anywhere in the world and in any environment

Convenient Interface

The app interface has been designed for your convenience

Sign Up via Social Networks

Signing up for the app is really just a click away!

Friends and Likes

Chat with friends and get likes right on the app

Easy to Use

We tried to make it the most convenient and easy to use

Beautiful Design

The app design will make working with it as pleasant as possible

Mode Options

Enjoy nature and don't let anyone ruin your vacation!


Extensive functionality to customize the app
Our app is responsive and available on all devices including horizontal and vertical tablet versions
Геннадий Ягупов
Gennady Yagupov
It's a great app! It's helped me out many times on my trips. I love discovering new places, even places where no one has been to. With WAYTOGO, I've marked my journey on the map and shared my findings with friends. I recommend this app to all my friends.
An app that I always use when planning a vacation. True, reliable information, clear interface. It helps you choose interesting places and plan a trip. Thanks to the developers for the great app!
Awesome app! Helped me a lot when I traveled to Africa. Really recommend!
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